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Yard And Household Waste Pick-Up Recommendations To Protect The Environment

Waste from your home and yard can accumulate all year long, but as spring weather brings you outdoors more often to clean up from winter, your waste can accumulate even more than usual. So in your everyday activities and extra clean-up projects, you are going to end up with some extra waste and debris, which you will want to clean up and dispose of in a smart manner to keep your community and home looking nice. Here are some ways you can eliminate your home and yard waste in a smart and environmentally-friendly way whenever it is available.

Dispose of and Recycle Home Hazardous Waste

As you clean up in and around your home, you might find some waste materials you no longer need but that cannot go into a traditional trash can for landfill disposal. Some items, such as car batteries, paint, electronics, garden chemicals, and vehicle fluids can be hazardous if they are put into the landfill and need to be recycled appropriately.

Your local waste management program will advise you on how you can dispose of hazardous materials. And some materials, such as household paint that is still usable, can be donated to a recycling location where it can be reused. And if you have old appliances and electronics that can't be put into the landfill, they can often be recycled and reused for the additional protection of the local environment.

Look For Yard Waste Pick-Up

When it comes to cleaning up your yard for spring, there are a great deal of tasks that might need some attention. Any leaves left over from the previous fall that have been matted down from winter snow need to be removed to provide room for your lawn and other plants to sprout from the ground.

Rake up these leaves and pick up other dead vegetation from last season and bag it up for a local yard waste recycling pick-up. Tree branches and twigs are also a great option for a bulk yard waste pick-up. And for ongoing yard maintenance, such as mowing your lawn, your local waste collection services can collect these bagged materials from you each week to keep them separate from landfill waste.

Your waste management service may provide specific drop-off areas where you can leave yard waste to recycle it, or you might have a curbside pickup program in your community. Yard waste that can be reused in a recycling capacity will keep it out of the landfill and help improve the landscape. Look into moregreen waste management solutions to protect the environment.