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Transformer Maintenance: Best Ways To Prevent Transformer Failures

Transformer failures are a common occurrence for many utility companies. The cost of repairs can be extremely high, and some customers may not even know that their transformer broke down until they see an outrageous electric bill or it stops working.

Luckily, there are several ways to prevent transformer failures before they happen but first:

  • Make sure you have an expert you can rely on in an emergency

  • Ensure the transformer is the right fit for your device and work

  • Replace old transformers with better quality and efficient ones

Monitor Performance

Conduct a visual inspection around machinery every day before you power it up. It will make all the difference when looking out for potential problems. Also, it's important that you monitor transformer performance regularly.

Be on the lookout for abnormal readings that may indicate overheating or other problems. For example, if your primary voltage is 230 volts and it's showing up as 220 volts during the day but returns to normal in the evening, you should contact an electrician immediately.

Keep It Clean

Keep transformers clean and free from dust and debris. Dust can pose a fire hazard, as it causes the transformer to overheat. 

Inspect Components

Check your transformers for loose connections at least once per year. Loose terminals or live wires may cause sparks or ignite a fire. Inspect the insulating oil levels in the equipment annually. Oil levels that are too high can cause the transformer to overheat and potentially start a fire, while low oil levels can cause the transformer to stop working. 

Install a ground fault circuit interruption (GFCI) device near electric panels and other potential sources of electrical shorts or surges. It will help prevent fires. 

Inspect your wiring and receptacles for any signs of wear or damage. Damaged wiring could cause a fire. Also, examine any low voltage wiring near transformers for signs of wear or damage. If you notice anything suspicious, it's a good idea to contact an electrician right away. They can do a proper inspection and make repairs if necessary. 

Ensure It's Safe

Keep your transformer in a place where it is safe from extreme weather conditions. If the temperature gets too high, this can cause problems within the equipment, leading to a fire. In addition, it's important that you are aware of any unusual smells coming from your wiring or units. This could be a sign that something might need immediate attention. In such an instance, switch the equipment off and call an experienced professional to assess the situation. 

Regularly inspect your equipment for any physical damage or wear and tear signs, such as dents in metal parts or cracks in the insulation. For more information, contact a transformer maintenance service.