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Renting A Dumpster And Staying Safe When Doing Do

If you intend on removing household and property refuse, and the amount you no longer want resting within your confines or on your land is abundant, you have likely considered renting a dumpster for its collection. There are a few steps to take to ensure those in and around your home remain safe while this important tool is rented.

Be Aware Of Weight And Distribution

When you rent a dumpster, be sure to inquire about the specific size allotments each container allows for. The rental service will help you select a container that meets your needs, and you have the ability to have the container replaced by a larger one or removed and replaced with an empty one if the amount of refuse you have is more than you had planned for. Instead of trying to jam all of your refuse into one container, stop filling it as soon as you meet the rim. This will keep people and pets safe, as collected items will remain inside of the vessel instead of potentially falling onto the ground. Distribute items evenly inside of the container to avoid tipping

Position The Dumpster With Safety In Mind

When a dumpster rental service arrives at your property with the container, let the service worker know exactly where you would like the dumpster dropped off. It is best to keep the container far enough from the side of the road so anyone passing by does not get accidentally injured by getting too close to it. It is also important that the container rests on flat ground so it is less at risk of tipping or rolling. After the dumpster is in place, let everyone in your household know its whereabouts so they can be careful when walking or driving in the vicinity of the container

Know About Hazardous Items To Keep Them Away

When you rent a dumpster, ask the service for a list of items they do not remove from properties. This list will include items the service deems as hazardous for container collection. Most services will not remove tires, batteries, or items that contain chemical agents. Flammable materials should also be kept away from the dumpster. When you use the dumpster, do not smoke or run any machinery near it. This will aid in keeping the risk of a fire at a minimum. Always cover the container when it is not in use as well. Look into dumpsters for rent near you.