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5 Tips For Getting The Best Value From Dumpster Rentals

Whether or not you have designs to be a reality TV home improvement star, if you are doing home upgrades or just got a good deal on a fixer-upper, you may find yourself in the market for a dumpster rental.

When choosing a dumpster service, keep in mind that not all dumpsters are the same. If you are doing a major home renovation, your requirements will be different from those for a spring yard cleanup. The end use of your waste may also matter to you. Increasingly, users of waste management services want to know if their waste will be disposed of in a sustainable manner.

When shopping for dumpsters to rent, consider:

1. Dumpster size and capacity - Both residential and business users of dumpster rentals underestimate the amount of refuse they will create. Considering that your dumpster rental costs will include delivery and pick up after you fill it up, having to order a second or third dumpster will drive up your project costs. 

2. Usage - Concrete, asphalt, and dirt will require a heavy-duty dumpster. Roofing tiles can make do with a standard dumpster. For trees and other yard waste, a low-cost dumpster bag may be a more practical option.

3. Waste specialization - If you are doing a home remodeling project, you may find the best prices and service with a low-cost dumpster service that specializes in residential waste. Businesses, on the other hand, will get improved service and pricing from a waste management company specializing in, for example, concrete or hazardous waste. 

4. Sustainable waste disposal methods - Waste and landfill management impacts the environmental quality of your community. A waste management company using environmentally friendly disposal methods can not only satisfy your green-conscious but also may have cheaper dumpster rentals. Recycling and renewable energy generation are ways they can make money from your waste. Also, ensure they practice responsible landfill management. 

5. Waste sorting and handling - Dumpster rentals often provide lower pricing for proper waste sorting. Recyclable materials may cost less to remove since the dumpster service can make more money from their disposal. 

Most dumpsters can be conveniently ordered and paid for online. When renting a dumpster, remember the cardinal rule of construction and renovation projects—they are seldom on time or on budget. If you plan for a 5-day remodeling project, it may be more sensible to take out a 10-day dumpster rental. In any case, be aware of the costs and policies for extending your dumpster rental.